Mutant Bunker is a satire magazine and website that is the funniest, most intelligent, and humble entertainment magazine in the known universe.

Mutant Bunker is an ENTERTAINMENT magazine for satire and criticism. We are loud, irreverent, and unflinching in our critique on the celebrity-industrial complex and so-called “culture”.

We are the outcasts of the digital age and we offer a humorous take on every aspect of life in the age of the Internet. We put culture through the ringer and demand a higher standard from those who want our attention. In these post-humor times we are in, Mutant Bunker is here to bring a smile to your face without all of the ads, clickbait, and visual pollution.

Content from this web site is on display for entertainment, parody, criticism, opinion, commentary and comedy only.

Note: Please check with your local authority if free speech is legal where you live.

We serve up the best kind of fiction – an interesting mixture of news and humorous essays with eye-popping imagery. It’s very simple; we strive to bring variety to bored minds by offering our audience thoughtful material which makes them laugh.

Who is Mutant Bunker?

You may have heard in all of the media that Mutant Bunker employs only the best writers in the world. We are the funniest, most intelligent, and humble entertainment magazine on the internet.

We here at Mutant Bunker are a group of writers who lampoons culture, popular and unpopular. We advocate freedom of speech in the face of censorship. Mutant Bunker threatens normalcy with no limitations, being underground is how we break down walls.

We’ve been called “cynical”, “toxic”, “mean”, “juvenile”, but still we wish everyone the absolute best and hope you all live for eternity! We love everyone, and no matter what our detractors say, we don’t hate anyone. We’re confrontational, we’re crude, but it’s in good fun.

What better way to confront serious issues in an internet world than doing things to bring some light into a darker world. Mutant Bunker exists in a new age of irony which transcends political correctness, practical limits, semantics, social impossibilities, etc.

Why are we mutants? Simple, because we mutate! Every month you’ll see us covering not just technology, people, society, but also the hyperculture runaway train as a whole.

Our team strives to provide highly detailed, genuine, and hilarious parody journalism while keeping a balance between fantasy and actuality. We know what we write will amuse and infuriate some people. So, be careful to look both ways before crossing the street.

Most importantly Mutant Bunker does not pull any punches. We never hold back our talent in writing true parodies and satire, nor are we afraid to poke fun at the likes of royalty and celebrities.

Be warned; as Mutant Bunker, we wield opinions. Humor and fearlessness go hand in hand when telling truths that can only be punctuated with a punchline. Laughter is good and evil shouldn’t get a pass.

Make us proud by reading us.

There are approximately 10 million readers worldwide who enjoy our brand of parody and humor. If you’re already an avid reader, then thanks for joining our mutant ranks!

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