Freelancers Destroyed The Web

The web is written by freelancers and they will do ANYTHING for a dollar.

The journalism world is in deep trouble because everyone is writing nonsense to make money now instead of just doing it because they love it or feel a sense of duty to putting the truth into record.

Truth or trust, you can’t have both anymore

Freelancers can’t be trusted, because they’re too much a motley lot of mercenary scum! They work from home or maybe they’re that annoying guy who always takes up both of the good tables at the coffee shop.

You’ve seen them. Boring writer hunched over the laptop sipping on his specialty drink while leaving shitty comments on MY Twitter feed.

It’s true that freelancers sit behind Internet Explorer telling YOU all about what they were paid to say. But THEY don’t believe it. In fact, in private, freelancers feel like “slaves” because of their harsh deadlines and low pay. Just thinking about working a 9-to-5 job causes their heart rate to quicken and their palms sweat.

A false bill of goods

They’re making the web worse, they’re making the news worse and the media in general is eroding individual sovereignty and democracy in one fell swoop! The freelancer’s defense: “I was just following orders!”

Freelance writers are spreading lies as fast as they can type which isn’t very fast as their malnourished fingers are lacking the gusto and passion of a real opinion. The sooner the penny drops the better, they cram out several articles a week just to afford rent. They’re no better than you or I, in fact they’re worse because we each have an opinion.

A lonely profession

At the end of the day the freelance writer sits alone and stares into the mirror wondering who they are and what they even believe. Are they even real anymore?

What about this pesky fundamental belief that anything you write or tell me could be wrong?

When your paycheck depends upon whether or not you deliver a piece every month it makes you a word prostitute. Sorry pal, but you got to realize it’s the 21st century and information is free so you must be selling me a lie!

They say the revolution will not be televised and it’s because freelancer writers were probably hired to write about the ‘top 7 puppy breeds for new couples’ instead.

Quality journalism, quality media, aren’t we blessed?

With things getting more and more partisan the news is now just a fantasy-based delusion shared by random bloggers and tweeted out by the politically gullible.

Blame game

Freelancers are to blame! You’re not Hemingway, you’re below a yellow journalist …or a pimp…who believes what they’re paid to believe, not truly own an opinion.

If I’m paying you more per article, chances are you won’t have any ideas other than what I ask you to put down!

How much would it cost to make sure you never write another letter again? A McDonalds gift certificate?