Something Is Wrong With The Pudding


Bill Cosby or Billy C as his friends like to call him is free from jail. I ate some pudding and woke up not feeling too good. Could it have been Bill Cosby breaking into my house and putting something in my pudding? I don’t think so but he’s free so it’s entirely possible.

I looked at the newspaper. There was a picture of Cosby flipping off the statue of lady justice saying “I can pretend to be blind too”

Oh Billy boy where did you go wrong

My plan is to put a tracking device on Bill Cosby. The next phase of the plan is to setup hidden cameras in every pudding aisle to keep Americans safe from the rapey paws of “retired” comedian Billy C.

Monopoly teaches us from a young age that rich people can do whatever they want

I don’t care what it says in his bio. He is a rapist.

If any weird person breaks into my house and puts poison in my food, I will chase them down and make sure they get what they deserve — a hug!

The truth hurts sometimes. What did you expect? This is America after all. The corrupt walk free and the innocent face jail time. What a twisted sort of circumstances that Bill Cosby is allowed to go free after so little time in jail.

This is America after all

Right now there is some kid getting his hands chopped off for daring to interrupt his school teacher. A jaywalker is being curb stomped by police for his own safety. A dog is being tasered in the balls until the cop tasering him gets a good caveman style laugh. Injustice for all I say!

Every once in awhile life takes a bit too much fun out of us. We grew up thinking Bill Cosby was this funny dad type character and it turns out he was spiking our Jello just like every perv did. It was the way of the world back then. Everyone’s lead addled brains fondling and molesting and doing wrong. It was the 60s damnit!

Now I’m sure you’re thinking of the approaching 2040 season thinking about a doomsday cult taking over Hollywood. But hold your horses. People are still living their lives trying to pretend that evil men aren’t roaming free in public. They only need a break once in a while for rape otherwise they’re an upstanding citizen!

There has always been a fine line between peaceable people like ourselves and those who would rape, murder, pillage and plunder everything we love. As long as Bill Cosby sits in front of the TV and laughs about it, we mustn’t forget about his legacy of raping people behind the laughs. He stuck his figurative dick in our jello and stirred it around and the law said “That action is A-OK, Mr. Rich Guy” and gave him a $20 bill for snacks in the courthouse lobby.

God help us if one day a judge goes, “the rich must pay their dues”. That’s what happened to JFK after all! Why do you think they won’t release the files? Because evil men run amok and the good people let them.

Not funny!

If any of you fuckers are laughing at Bill Cosby now, I wouldn’t eat the pudding because it’s full of roofies. Don’t drink beer with Bill Cosby because it gives him gas and you don’t want that while being raped. If you see a news story about an unsolved crime take a minute to check whether Bill Cosby may have had a hand in it. If you smell moldy bread that looks inedible, I’m sure Bill Cosby did it.

Bill Cosby will forever be a pervert. I don’t care if he was a comedian, an actor, moral wind bag, all we have is right now and right now he’s a god damn elderly sex offender roaming the streets looking for prey. Did he have to tell his neighbors door to door like a poor person would? I doubt it.

Lock your doors because Cosby is free! Don’t eat the chocolate cake! Don’t eat the Jello!