Club Random, Celeb Podcast or Gay Club?

This is what real political discourse looks like in case you didn’t know!

Bill Maher’s newest podcast is a last ditch effort for the geriatric comedian to stay relevant.

Maher has made a career of smugly stating his “opinion” and subsequently lashing out at his audience for not laughing at his “joke” with ease like he’s the terrorist puppet guy.

Haha a terrorist puppet, that’s comedy gold!

Why did Bill Maher start his podcast?

Real Time With Bill Maher took a total nose dive during the pandemic since without an audience to lecture Maher didn’t know how to conduct his show. Naturally he remembered his visit to the Joe Rogan Experience where he all but begged Joe Rogan to come on his stuffy and dying show.

Flash forward to today where Maher, like Conan O’Brien and his handler’s, believe they can fake authenticity into the podcast world by offering a guest roll that’d be at home with The Today Show or The View.

Corporate authenticity is cool, right fellas? Look no tie! I’m loose, and one of the guys like you. Let’s hang loose and drink one sixteenth of a lite beer!

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (me about international trademark law)

A little Googling has revealed that Club Random is in fact a real life club, it is a world famous gay club in Antwerp.

[Screenshot of:]

Way to go Bill Maher! You’ve shown the world you’re still hip and with it. Put down your cane, hit the vape, and dab bro. It’s time to get that skateboard and say “How do you do fellow kids?” because you don’t have enough fucking money!

The pink and purple tones on set now make me wonder if Bill Maher has been to the gay club in Antwerp. He sure seems proud not to have children and he looks a lot like someone Anderson Cooper would brunch with. I mean he’s got the right amount of net worth and he’s also old, grey and irrelevant to normal people.

A point of view

Speaking of The View, doesn’t Bill Maher seem like he should be hosting a show with Whoopi Goldberg where they just spout off clickbait-style takes to generate faux controversy so the news doesn’t have to report on anything real?


A departure from politics does not humanize Bill Maher which from everyone we’ve ever met who has dealt with him, recounts how he’s a smug asshole who thinks he’s better than everyone.

I’m still not certain how he’s famous except for during the 80s and 90s people were having fun with comedy while Maher chose to pout and kick sand into his audience’s eye over and over because of politics.

Bad boy or obedient elder poodle?

His PR narrative is that he’s some outspoken bad boy, but this clashes with reality where he talks like a high school principal lecturing teens about civic participation, except somehow with more of a power trip.

So Club Random is here and it’s oh so random. You got such random guests like the not-so-great Dr. Drew, because who doesn’t want to hang out with Bill Maher and the guy who exploited celebrity addictions for a dollar!

Maher is such an innovative thinker! Jumping into podcasting at a time when everyone is totally sick of them is a genius move!

Oh and such great guests as Quentin Tarantino who has probably snorted my body weight in cocaine this year. I look forward to him rambling about the meaning of art as he gets ready to remake another classic movie and take credit for it.

Oh boy, I can’t wait to see what William Shatner has to say. Shatner has only been rich and famous for about 50 years, I’m sure his perspective is well rounded and grounded in reality!

What decade is it?

Club Random has this 1960’s Playboy Penthouse style theme which goes to show how out of touch Maher and his team of yes-man really are. Can aging comedians who should retire stop gentrifying podcasting? At least Jon Stewart’s corporate podcast has some semblance of self-awareness.

Oh it’s Killer Mike! The guy who sounds like Ice Cube but actually scary. I bet his nuanced take on things won’t fuel the race and class war! Who decided a rapper should be a spokesman for political issues?

Who needs politics when you can chill with the vibin’ based lowkey deadass Bill Maher Coachella Fortnite Fyre Fest! Am I doing it right, fellow kids?

Someone should tell Maher that Hugh Hefner is still dead and that his idea of “cool” is so antiquated he should have put his podcast in a museum.

Not a real podcast, not by any stretch of the imagination

Club Random with Bill Maher seeks to recreate the “magic” of the Joe Rogan experience which these suits can’t figure out the formula to acting like a human being. His podcast Club Random is so overproduced, has a terrible name that (ignoring the gay stuff) conjures up the ‘lol random spork of doom’ meme that was popular 20+ years ago.

It’s such a slap in the face to anyone who enjoys podcasts that I hope it crashes and burns.

Thankfully Club Random has gone way overboard in overdoing the concept. It won’t attract anyone who isn’t already a Bill Maher fan because they’ll see through it like some brand new Twitch personality who just doesn’t get what it’s all about but has all the gear. Which goes along with Bill Maher’s petulant attitude towards the internet where he avoided it before there were clearly defined channels of selling out.

WOAH CLUB RANDOM GOT ADAM CARROLA?! The guy who will only talk to other celebrities and people who will further his career!? I wonder what Adam Carrola thinks, oh, he’s got his own podcast that nobody listens to, GREAT!

Money hungry old men at the corporate gangbang

We here at the bunker don’t need a podcast. We have millions of viewers who love us. Why do they love us? We’re the real deal. We bleed authenticity unlike Club Random, Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, and The Problem With Jon Stewart. It’s ridiculous to me that instead of gracefully enjoying retirement these egotists have to fill our screens with their big heads until the day they finally decay into filthy rich skeletons.

Get the fuck out of the way and leave the podcasting to the youth. You old geezers had your time and now it’s time to become extinct like the dinosaurs. Don’t worry, I’m sure selling your soul was worth those millions.

I look forward to everyone talking disdainfully about Bill Maher’s new Club Random because it sure looks like a turd in action. Who wants another overproduced podcast that keeps the chaff and throws away the wheat? I don’t!

Excuse me, who?!
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