Remembering Mac Miller (Was A Piece Of Shit)

Mac Miller died, some say tragically but if he were still around on this Earth I’d like to think he’d still be acting like a terrible person. He was a drunk driving druggie who drugged himself to death after driving drunk. However ala Kurt Cobain he’s become a hero to fools too dumb to learn the lesson here.

They’re both a hero to everyone who didn’t have a piece of shit older brother stealing their stuff for drug money so they could one day grow up and get a better role model. We’re sorry you didn’t have a strong male figure in your life but your mom has a pretty good mustache.

Haters gonna hate and druggies gonna OD

He rapped about being a piece of shit and he died being a piece of shit only before being egged on by his family, his fans, and his drug dealer.



Mac Miller lost his precious life due to his lack of common sense. It doesn’t take a genius to know that drugs are cut, it doesn’t take a genius to know not to drive drunk. He thought he was immune from consequences and money could buy his way out of anything. Anything except a fentanyl overdose! Thank you Sacklers!

I don’t want to demonize him though because god knows he was a demon. When he wasn’t burning out his brain cells he was a walking billboard advertising drugs for young hopeless and fatherless listeners, all of which are foaming at the mouth as they read this. You’re in denial, he was a loser, you’re a loser, and instead of getting help he offed himself through substance abuse faster than Elvis could have dreamed of.

Daddy’s boy

His architect father spoke out against the drug dealer when he was arrested, this is pathetic. We’ve seen video of Mac’s dad encouraging his rap career. Rap is an industry where you either OD, get shot, or phase out in 5 years then OD and get shot. We all called our fathers and thanked them for raising us right! Glad Mac’s dad wasn’t our dad! We might be worm food right now, whew.

He had to have known his son was doing drugs, and one might ask where he learned it from? Was Mac snorting oxys and coke with his dad while they counted all the teenybopper money Mac made from pretending to be a rapper? Probably.

So next time your kids want to become rappers slap them in the face, tell them to learn mathematics instead.

We have enough white druggie rappers talking about doing drugs and being pampered by their shitty parents. Enough!

Personally, I liked things Pre Malone a lot better and we can only hope the whole cadre of them ends up like Ritchie Vallens. What is up with all of these skuzzy looking white dudes with neck tattoos getting famous? These guys are the Duck Dynasty of rap. So filthy rich but want to be richer so they change their appearance to appeal to the “steals from Dollar Tree” crowd.

Mac Miller was fucking pathetic, his rhymes sucked, and the only reason you little shits liked him is because some rich guy put his music in your face until you developed Stockholm Syndrome for your favorite drug addled corpse!

Holographic violence

We look forward to the day when he becomes a hologram so Tupac’s hologram and Biggie Smalls’ hologram can beat the living shit out of him with holographic chains and holographic bats! Yeah video simulated violence committed against your rap hero, sound good?

God rest his soul. God, please save his soul. Have mercy on his soul. Please forgive him and get him to heaven pronto so he can drive drunk in heaven and mow down your grandma as she walks through a crosswalk. There really needs to be justice for someone like that, unfortunately there isn’t going to be any of that shit done now that Mac’s dead and an opiate laden martyr.

The best we can do is laugh at his stupid fans until the sun burns out in seven billion years. Just kidding they’ll move on to the druggie of the day and forget about his dumb ass being a piece of shit. Hey there’s always another filthy white guy who you wouldn’t trust rapping about being a filthy white guy you can’t trust!

He wasn’t real, and like many entertainers his “authentic” persona was fake. He was some rich kid who overdosed because he had no where else to go in his career! This is the grand conclusion of his oeuvre: being dead! His best work if you ask us.