Your Comments Don’t Matter

You’ve seen it before, “Don’t Read The Comments” well now we’re reaching a point in tech where comments are going to be disabled.

“Why?” You bemoan to your screen in a failed attempt at communicating with a human being.

“What else is going to entertain me during this boring video?” You must be asking frantically as you search this article for all of life’s answers.

Let me tell you all about how the internet got flipped upside down

Comment threads used to be something interesting until Steve Jobs put a smart phone over every toilet so morons can dump their turd comments all over the internet. We call it the Stinky New Deal. Before then you had to sit at a desk, login, and be in a somewhat decent disposition. Now you can roll out of your blanket in a ditch somewhere and start taking a shit on some guy’s mailbox both digitally and physically.

The comment section of today is heavily partisan a mix of astroturfing bots, losers with too much free time and political agents both domestic and foreign. You could go weeks without reading one original thought.

Your comments really don’t matter. You’re probably not an expert, and even if you were there’s been 100 other Dunning-Krugers claiming the same thing and falling flat when pressure is applied.

News is finally understanding that moderating your own comments section is pointless. It’s either crickets or an absolute clusterfuck and a war zone of arguing and spam. Many news channels have completely disabled their comments section or entrusted it to third party services who setup a walled garden of censorship.

You’ll find that this very site thinks your comments are totally useless, and they probably are. We disabled comments the second they were a feature, why? Idiots. That’s why. The people who would be intelligent enough to say something of note are turned off by the morons, trolls, and other socially inept denizens of the world wide web.

A new hope

See 10 years ago, we foolishly believed that technology would bring us closer instead of getting turned into a bunch of ugly Romans at the coliseum screaming for blood over bread and circus! Thanks big tech, you fucking worms.

Why even bother leaving a comment these days when the sum of all its greatness will be seeing a made up number go up and then it not mattering 20 seconds later as the dopamine wears off. Why are we degrading society because of comment threads? We’ve already hit rock bottom so we need to abolish all comment threads.

The web is already open, you just don’t use it

Why? People need to go back to forums and other platforms that they themselves control. The web needs to become decentralized again. You see the web has no rulebook, and big tech decided they wanted to set the standards so that they could write the rules. They want to climb that tall ladder of innovation and kick it down for everybody else looking to displace them with a better solution.

You ever read Reddit and all of the top comments are saying the same thing? This is the problem. Low effort comments rise to the the top and anything critical or “eww different yucky!” will be downvoted on a place like reddit. It’s basically the Valhalla version of high school complete with hall monitors called moderators/admins.

Contrast that to a classic forum where your reply cannot be suppressed by anyone other than a power hungry moderator who is usually too busy feeling like god to moderate. Or didn’t your mommy tell you that you can’t disagree with authority?

Forums require more user participation than having a Google or Facebook account to dump your shitty opinions on the world. The open nature puts the control back into the people’s hands, not the algorithmic comment moderators or the big tech companies who decide what our eyeballs and brains see.

Nope, comments no longer matter and you can thank artificial intelligence, marketing, and growing inequality in a global market. That is if you’re not too busy telling someone on Instagram that they look fat or reposting a TikTok to YouTube so your lame reaction channel can grow. GET THEM LIKES SON!

Your attention please, pretty please

Everyone can just ignore you now. Good thing this is all we need, right? Stop begging for attention, no one cares and it’s not making anything better except for the bottom line of these advertising companies disguised as “social” platforms.

Ugh who even gives a fuck anymore? Reddit, Facebook and Twitter; remove yourselves from those cesspools and you’ll feel free. Seriously, it’ll be like you took off disgusting wet clothes covered in nerd shit. You won’t though because reality sucks and you all lack the discipline to admit it to yourselves. Think of it this way though, you can always leave a comment! That’ll make you feel better.

Comments are childish, pointless to the point of pain, and mostly useless in every instance. People who find value in the comments are consuming low grade content and there’s no law saying the internet has to be catered to people with attention deficit disorders or the mentally ill. Sure it’s got potential to be a great tool except it’s being ruined by people who are living tools of a system that profits off their lives by reducing them to data. That’s right, all they see you as are 1s and 0s in their system and in their bank accounts.

People fear people rather than technology. The technology reduces the fear and you for some reason trust them? “Dumb fucks” as Mark Zuckerberg would say.

There is no spoon

People are getting very convinced that this online world is real, that comments are real, that people can’t just make shit up for attention, and that someday all their contributions to the online world will amount to something more than a passing fancy by someone with a bowel issue.

Of course I can already hear you posting this to social media to gain points with your twitter friends as you parade around the fact you don’t read and you also ignore nuance. Don’t believe everything you read and fuck the comments section.

So let’s agree the past is history, we can have new memories but only if they weren’t clogged with memes, ADHD comedy sketches, adolescent threats, fake conspiracy theories, spambots , or the fact there is more noise and less signal every day.

Forward To The Future

Today everything’s click bait and drama. It’s bullshit and it should be mocked until the people who use it evolve to be on the same level as the rest of us instead of enjoying the swamp gas emanating from Silicon Valley’s 10 minute hate departments.

Anything that allows the untalented many to achieve mediocre accomplishments is beyond foolishness and comes across as more of a self-indulgent religion than an organized ideology. How can anyone give credence to something that makes easy money off the worst humanity has to offer?