Reddit Is Actually Racist

The platform claims to take a stance against discrimination but I present to you: r/BlackPeopleTwitter and r/WhitePeopleTwitter

Nuh-uh! That’s impossible! Reddit is a progressive company with lots of left leaning ideals and they’d never segregate people by race! Oh-

Don’t you think that looks an awful lot like this?

Jim Crow era water fountains or an idea for subreddits

Hmm, here I thought we all used the same Twitter no matter our race or skin color. Seems like a weird distinction to make for a “progressive” site. Hell, even Twitter itself doesn’t care to know this information. They ask for your birthdate, name, email/phone, and gender. No where do they ask you to indicate your race like some standardized exam.

Both of these subreddits feature people making one liner slams on Twitter against haters and trolls in that inane way that Twitter encourages. Since both lean left, I fail to see any distinction between the two tweet subreddits other than one thing: reddit has separated them by skin color. Otherwise same ideology except for some reason they belong in two different subreddits? It doesn’t make any sense.

From Zero Punctuation

Also seems odd that reddit allows r/PCMasterRace which references two racist things: Hitler’s insane master race idea and Ben Yahtzee Croshaw, who used to end his Zero Punctuation video game reviews with the confidently said catchphrase “Hitler was right!” and also made jokes about PC gaming purists being a blond haired Aryan Fabio type called the PC Master Race.

For some reason in the early 00s it was considered “cool” to be passively racist as a way to be edgy. It must be OK though because he has an accent. No one with an accent can be racist!

From the NYTime article ‘Prove You’re Not White’

According to the NYTimes you must “prove you’re not white” for r/BlackPeopleTwitter, when both subreddits reflect similar ideologies I can’t imagine why this would be pertinent.

What is the point of segregating the two subreddits, I wonder. Why not just a race neutral subreddit that highlights the best Tweets?

If you ask us, Reddit should stop relying so heavily on Twitter and get some actual thinkers on the platform.

Some things will never change as I don’t expect any reddit user to have an attention span lasting long enough to make a point they didn’t have to borrow from someone else’s Twitter account. These are the type of people to make special mention of their one and only black friend.

Now if you’re asking how to be cool and edgy on reddit, then the answer is you have to fight against discrimination while also practicing Jim Crow era logic for the reddit taxonomy of people tweets! This is the only way to end bigotry accord to the big brained minds at reddit.

I’m going to leave this here:

As you can see, according to this definition by Merriam-Webster this is an example of racial segregation being practiced by the moderators of these subreddits.

Now take it up with the complaint department which has a convenient inbox right above your trash can.