Tom Hanks EXPOSED!

What is Tom Hanks up to? I don’t buy the nice guy persona, you know why? Nice guys finish last and Mr. Hanks has a ton of money. More than me and I’m an asshole!

Tom is up to something sinister

No really, why would Tom Hanks hang out with Epstein, why would he have this public persona as a nice guy? He’s been rich longer than most of my readers have been alive and rich and famous people are a nefarious type.

Mr. Hanks must have power, but what type? What is he hiding besides all of his money? Who does Tom Hanks really work for or report to?

Look into his dead eyes!

Tom was lucky to find Epstein that is until the Miami Herald blew everything wide open and made us finally realize that Hollywood are a bunch of rapacious sociopaths. They sneak into our homes, talk to a soccer ball and win our hearts with their charms; that gimmick from the regional management playbook of a Idaho Best Buy. That is exactly what Tom Hanks did to become famous!

So when you say that Tom Hanks might not be the lovable smiling good guy at Disney World but instead some masochistic sadist, I believe you!

Look at is his son, does his son look happy? Hell no, his son looks like his dad made him bury bones in the basement. Didn’t Tom Hanks do a movie like that?

Did Tom Hanks get bigfoot his job in Harry and the Hendersons? What does Harry know that we don’t?

To recap so far the following information has been presented.

  • Hollywood is where everyone wants to live
  • Tom Hanks is oddly self aware and plays “nice” assholes or just normal nice guy pricks
  • He may know bigfoot because he knew Epstein
  • Him and bigfoot may have been an item at some point and Epstein may have facilitated the entire relationship
  • Tom Hanks gets high tech psychic powers in exchange for spirit cooking which is kind of like soul food for evil people according to this guy I watch on YouTube who rants from inside his truck

The family life

I don’t know what Tom Hank’s son is named but I bet you it’s Tom Jr. I bet he likes to look at his son and pretend he’s looking at a young reflection. He stares him deep in the eyes and says “mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the nicest guy in Hollywood of them all?”

His son replies almost automatically “You are” and then Tom walks away.

His son lets out a huge sigh of relief, he’s just playing along for the millions in inheritance.

Tom is bubbling during the day believing that his head isn’t rotting like an out of season jackolantern.

If you really think about it, it all adds up. If Hollywood is raping everyone in secret then maybe they’re hiding bigfoot or Tom Hank’s real persona.