Jerry Springer Dead!

Jerry Springer might be dead but at least we still have our ‘Too Hot For TV’ VHS tape to enjoy all the fond memories. The show will never die, as long as there are those with working VCRs.

Join in the chant

Jerry brought America together like ugly Roman citizens to the gladiatorial games that were televised just in time for after school.

For the first time children were exposed to real world problems and solutions like bringing racists to a show with minorities and then moralizing about it afterwards.

America’s moral compass

Jerry and company made us feel good about ourselves and each other. It gave us hope and courage. There was no need to hate each other because we could hate the toothless hillbilly in a love triangle.

The other side of the coin is all the people who used to watch him on TV. The ones who didn’t have cable relied on the chants of “Jerry, Jerrry, Jerry” to entertain and thrill them.

In those days the internet was boring and download speeds were slow. You were better off seeing pixelated boobs on Jerry Springer and his dumb jokes than downloading shit that would take you a week to get your hands on!

Kids these days have no idea, or maybe they do, I don’t know I don’t talk to them!

Now it’s different. Our kids are in front of our computer screens. They don’t want to see pixels anymore. The internet has become so much more interesting and interactive!

We can spend hours chatting with friends, watching videos, reading, playing video games, etc. Jerry Springer meanwhile is in hell, screaming and wishing he were still alive. Too bad Jerry.

Some wonder if he’s pitting people against each other in hell and some how trying to take a moral high ground for being one step above ‘Bum Fights’.

I think he is, because what else is he going to do? It’s what he was born to do. Others say he might be bargaining with the devil to become a full on demon.

This is why I’ve given up on day time TV, you never know what supernatural shit the hosts are up to these days.

No substitute for the original scumbag TV host

I’m getting angry that Dr. Phil is so low blood sugar, and I’m yelling and wondering where is the televised circus to go with my bread?

I’d like a glimpse into heaven where they are missing out on Jerry Springer’s antics. I’d like to hear a sermon from God or maybe an exorcism from the Devil to help me and everyone else keep sanity in this crazy world. I don’t go to church so you’ll have to correct me if I’m wrong. I know more about Pokemon lore.

Jerry has hell to pay

I’m not having fun like in past years, I’m tired. Tired of fighting the demons trying to drag me down to Hell, and wanna get the fuck out of here!

Asta La Vista, Jerry. If you listen closely you can hear the devil is chanting his name. Stay Out! I ain’t trippin’, MOTHERFUCKER! Oh great baby Jesus how big will these fireballs be. Just kidding! Wink, wink.

Final Thought (Springer Style)

He’s dead, he’s not getting any more alive and maybe the world is a better place now with 500 other insipid talk shows. Has society improved since the 90s or is humanity doomed to repeat it’s history over and over again until the Mayans decide to cut us off.

In the words of Papa Jizzmyself “Don’t worry world! That fat girl is here with pizza!” Stop sucking cocks and start eating slices. Cheers!

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Greg Nepostein

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