NFTs In Gaming? No Thanks!

NFTs in games, it’s something no one wants except for a group of faceless shareholders screaming “GIVE ME MORE MONEY NOW!” until they cry and the stock chart goes crazy!

It’s going to ruin gaming by making them part-time jobs

The idea that NFTs tying in the blockchain to people’s free time is a little bit disgusting. You get home from work, exhausted from trying to climb the corporate ladder to work in someone’s monster slime NFT mine in your free time? I don’t think so! They have those already, and they’re called part time jobs.

NFT in gaming brings in a lot of unnecessary overhead towards something that is a bloated spreadsheet. It ignores better technology and ideas to proclaim loudly at dinner, “NO NO FUCK YOU ME TOO ME TOO I AM THE NFT KING!”

Crypto this, blockchain that, NFT your momma! They ruin fun! Now you never go into any deep space adventure game knowing how all your profits will be going towards your new space bosses meteor crusher machinery.

If you thought the real life was a grind well the virtual world is just like it except a lot more boring and sedentary. HELLO DIABETES TITS!

Cryptocurrency or cryptoslavery?

It seems we’ve skipped down the first decade of crypto and are making a direct pass onto current. Bankers, investors and hedgefund managers are thrilled about this next era of gaming. Meanwhile the players are just wanting to unwind after their shitty day only to find they have to trade in their hard earned cash for bullshit items on the blockchain so some nerd in a teal t-shirt can feel like he’s contributing to society.

Stop with the NFT bullshit. If you really wanted to make money off of gaming you’d give gamers what they want: fun. No one else has had a problem making money off of fun. Look at the drug dealer on the shady crime corner. They are making a killing! People love fun. Now imagine if this same drug dealer sold ‘NFT drugs’. Not very fun huh? I can’t imagine many people coming back for more no matter how much their social media clout increases.

Hey blockheads!

So take your dumb ass blockchain shit and shove it right up your ass. Also donate cryptocurrency to us because we’re going to cash that shit out and bet it on horse racing, the real sport of kings.

If you even want to put blockchain technology into video games, tell all your yesmen to shut up for a second and ask yourself “DEAR GOD WHY!?!!!”

You all need a breath of fresh air before throwing every inefficient protocol imaginable at someone’s hobby. If there’s money involved though everything has to be shady and rushed. It’s the law!

Don’t destroy video games, please! I beg of you!

Why the rush to destroy gaming by adding NFTs? Just don’t bother to begin with. No one wants them except “investors” who stand at board meetings and watch everyone else laugh behind them in awe as they masturbate over imaginary NFT dollars being drained out of anyone and everyone’s pocket. Then they sober up after a debaucherous Mad Men style day and go home to their wives who look like someone drew a pretty lady on a broomstick.


Kids and teens spend a lot of time playing games so here the casino comes home yet again. Not in the form of simple microtransactions that are cosmetics but that crack-cocaine gambling that is effective with Magic: The Gathering and its clones.

In case it hasn’t been blatantly obvious by now gaming companies thrive on poisoning your kid’s minds with the fear of missing out. You have to have this lame cape for your rocket launcher or all the kids on the Discord server are going to pants your avatar! LOSER!