‘Boomer Shooter’ Is A Dumb Name For A Genre

Boomer! Gen X! Millennial! Zoomer!

These all sound annoying and if you use any generation names, you’re part of the problem. Naturally when we saw the term ‘boomer shooter’ referring to 90s style retro inspired first person shooter games, we slapped your momma.

Boom boom shoot shoot pew pew bang bang

The term ‘boomer shooter’ makes it sound like you’re shooting boomers. Are they for boomers? Were they made by boomers? I don’t think that applies to anyone who came from iD software. So what the hell is it?

I’ll tell you what it is. It’s meme culture tainting the well and causing this false taxonomy of shooter. Right now there’s basically Call of Duty or Halo. The new Doom is an abomination that introduced platforming and abandoned what made the classic games fun. The term boomer shooter isn’t needed because you can simply call them shooters!

Why abandon the term? They pioneered the genre why should they abandon it because casinos like COD:Warzone and CS:GO exist in modern gaming?

Flip a coin; coin a phrase

Did New Blood Interactive coin the term?
Why do I hate them so fucking much?
Why does David Syzmanski have a sordid relationship with ‘boomers’?

I want war – against smug 20-something gamers who are using this term ‘boomer shooter’.

Do you think fucking Joe Biden is playing Dusk? No he’s not.

Do you think that grandma who is forced to work at the 7-11 around the corner from your mom’s house is playing Amid Evil? Fuck no. That lady is saving up her grandkids allowance to spend on a Mario Kart bootleg on the endcap at the Chinese owned gadget store around the corner from your dad’s house. And that’s fine. She deserves it.

To act like this term is something real is something I want the media to take accountability for. The term boomer is a terrible disparaging word invented by the cigar smoking bankers in the wake of Occupy Wall St. So you can thank Goldman Sachs for such a shitty “new genre”.

We’re all sick and tired of indie games leaning into meme culture and churning out 500 games that are a rip off of Blood. I mean if you’re going to remake anything, remake Duke Nukem so we can hire some pixelated strippers to titillate our flacid boomer penises (the original boomer shooter).

Apparently being 30+ and having played DOOM 1 on DOS makes me a “boomer” because these shooters are marketed towards me loving video game centered childhood nostalgia that crops up in the wake of insurmountable responsibility. Therefore my wallet is open wide for New Blood Interactive to swoop in and capitalize on my tears and fears? I DON’T FUCKING THINK SO.

Own up to your terrible marketing scheme!

They won’t even take credit for it.
“A shooter that goes boom.”
…. NOW!

Will first person shooter games of the future be called “zoomer shooters” where you can’t have any fun unless you can deposit $600 so your soldier dresses up like an anime princess?

Modern FPS games aren’t even a genre, they’re a business model that they borrowed from Las Vegas. So stop it with the “boomer” designation and call them THE REAL SHOOTERS.

We are training real life soldiers right now to seize control of New Blood Interactive from tactics we learned from a real first person shooter called Blake Stone Aliens of Gold. Get ready assholes, we’re going to laser blast you at the food dispenser, bitch! Oh wait, that one isn’t multiplayer. So much for that GENRE.

Is it a revival, is it a genre? NOPE! It’s a meme-laden marketing ploy for an attention deficit addled society with deep pockets towards infantile things.

It’s 2022, we can do better.