If You Don’t Like My Memes I’m Gonna Cry

You didn’t like my meme? Really? My meme? You have terrible taste. I’ll have you know I studied extremely hard to send you that image. In it contains petabytes of useful information that will usher the human race into a new era where money is obsolete and murder is something restricted to the animal kingdom.

See you from outerspace bitches

You think your shitty memes are better? Hah, my memes could beat up your memes and your mom too. Before you criticize my memes know they don’t take any shit from anybody, least of all some pretentious little jack-off shit in boots like yourself. But if you persist in spouting such bullshit then I suggest you leave this site now before I become so frustrated with you I will remove you silently from all of my friends lists! ALL OF THEM! EVEN ICQ BITCH!

…sorry about that, what was I saying? Ah yes, I remember…so please get out now before I say ‘fuck’ really loudly and flush your pathetic little body down the toilet! DOUCHEBAG!

I had just laughed at that meme when you had to ruin it with your “facts”. Grow a sense of humor dumb ass! If I want to laugh at the needy on Christmas Eve, I WILL DO SO AND I WILL DO IT IN MEME FORMAT!

You just don’t get the joke. Memes say what both of my brains cannot articulate. I need this in my life. I need it to feel anything other than disappointment in myself!

One day I hope I am wrong but somehow I doubt it. I’ll be goddamned if I let people I actually like getting an airing that doesn’t conform to whatever my internalized prejudices happen to dictate.

For example, how many space aliens does it take to fuck up a dead man? How would you feel if every single one of them came over and fucked you up without even asking? A few or a lot? What if one did ask but said they were planning on eating you? I can honestly say it’d scare the shit out of me! SCARY SHIT!

Back to the meme, it was funny, you’re a little bitch but I hate you and I will cut you out of my life because the meme was THAT FUCKING GOOD. Not enough for the ultra-pussies who haven’t figured it out yet though. You owe me! After all, once again, I’m not trying to be hostile but why do I keep having to remind people? FUCK OFF SAD BITCHES MEMES ARE THE BEST!

I wrote this in my truck! It is my home since my bitch wife LEFT ME! RARRRGGHHHH