We’ve Got A Bridge On The Blockchain To Sell

Need I say more?


If you’re a smart investor like me you jump head first into investing in every new technology. This is what is called “smart investing”. The blockchain has revolutionized the way we do ponzi schemes so we here at Mutant Bunker bought a little piece of land in the VR world to build the world’s first blockchain bridge!

At an estimated price of $4,345,000 I’d advise you not to pass this up. We know the price is too low but we’re passing the savings onto you. This is prime real estate in a virtualized world that will be as popular as VRML is today!

This bridge project is unique in its advantages over other existing bridges because it actually works with the blockchain, not against it. One tenet of “smart investing” is to go against the grain, don’t be a Negative Nancy, but a Checkbook Charlie!

So get off your ass and buy this land. If you don’t believe me, just look how many people are already paying for the privilege of building their very own home on the blockchain. It’ll keep their avatars fed, and their virtual families warm in the winter. There’s prime farmland for growing coins as well and the soil’s pH is perfect for bitcoin.

Someone else might be interested

As of the time of this writing, according to my sales associates who have been offering virtual tours of the property since September 15th there’s not another bidder except for Mr. Rothchild himself. But no one has taken advantage of his desperate offer except maybe you?

You’ve got the cash and you’re ready to do something with it, right? Then let me direct you to our advanced order form where you can order your private bridge now before the shit goes down! Our most trusted advisers have recommended a 45 day wait but we’ll do it in 45 minutes if you’ve got the capital!

A hard sell, eh?

After we get money to build it, this bridge is priced to sell! Not convinced how about some buzzwords: reverse interval, mining pool, ethereum based slavery, pork coin, dippy bull market hold!

We will create a public company which is registered offshore for maximum insulation against prosecution and taxation. That doesn’t mean you can’t trust us though. We’re very trustworthy, just ask our mothers.

Your complete financial data will be stored securely and not be sold or hacked by our staff. Of course, those are only the ones that have signed NDA’s.

While you are waiting for your private bridge to come to fruition, why not take a look at our NFT gallery and buy a link to an iteration of a piece of shit someone deemed “art”? So who is ready to take your portfolio to the next level and show that guy from TD Ameritrade who has the biggest balls?

Is everybody excited? Are you ready for the future of investment? BUY THE BLOCKCHAIN BRIDGE YOU SMART INVESTOR!