Our Favorite Prince Songs

Prince might be dead, but we’ll always remember him. They asked me to pick a few of my favorite Prince songs but I’ve never listened to him so I’m going to do my best. I would listen to the music but I can’t afford Spotify and it keeps playing ads!

Top 10 Prince Songs As Ranked By A Music Expert Who Went To Music School So I Think He Knows A Thing Or Two About Music Notes:

  1. Look At My Sassy Mustache
  2. These Tight Pants Make Me Sing
  3. Yo Momma is So Ugly
  4. This Dinky Chevy
  5. Party Like It’s 2029
  6. Lightning Shooting Out My Dick
  7. Kiss And Don’t Tell The Whole Fucking Town Becky
  8. Purple Rain Coat (Girl Get In A Poncho)
  9. Baby If You Can Hear Me Scream Now That Is What You Call Classic Good Riddance
  10. Gonna OD Someday To Make You Sad

So there you have it, the man, the legend, the rocker, the guitarist, the crazy guy from the purple planet with the big hair. We hope he’s driving his El Camino into Jesus’ kingdom of kickass cheeseburgers and swinging from chandeliers as we speak. We wish him well.

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