Totally Legit Pick Up Lines By A Real Ladies Man

We all have pick up lines. It’s just known that all women fall for clever non-sequiturs and innuendo.

If you’re like me, you probably don’t have a lot of ideas to use. So you start making things up. Sometimes it works… sometimes it doesn’t. What I find most useful is knowing how to use an object as a woman.

Here are a few pick up lines that are sure to not work:

1. Hey baby you ever pay a guy’s phone bill?

2. You think I’m dumb? You should see my other one!

3. Does your vagina have this bumper sticker on it saying “No Spitting”?

4. My mother says I need a woman like her.

5. You look like Al Bundy. When was the last time you got laid?

6. If you were a movie I’d call it “The Untalented.” Now about them digits there, milk tits?

7. God I wish you were the female version of Tom Cruise. Then we could make out. It’s a religious thing, don’t ask.

8. If heaven was a club you would be serving as a very popular waitress.

9. You ever see a guy beat Call of Duty in one sitting?