Steaming Mad Mickey’s Rodent Revenge

Steaming Mad Mickey looked down the barrel of his gun.

“Rob the rich will you?”, he asks as he pulls the hammer back. Robin Hood falls dead to the floor.

“My hand is a killing machine!”, Steaming Mad Mickey declares as he laughs in glee. He spits on Robin Hood who is a bloody mess, just laying there at his feet. The blood splatters all over the room resemble the signature of Walt.

The sheriff later ruled this to be a death of natural causes from a gunshot wound. It was the first of its kind but everyone had to do what Steaming Mad Mickey wanted. He had all the money, all the lawyers, all the judges. All the crooked men and criminals worked for Steaming Mad Mickey including the mob boss known as Fat Tony. His reach extended to galaxies far away and dimensions beyond this earth.

You’ll never escape”, he shouted with delight. He laughed like a madman with a very evil laugh that filled the room with fear. He couldn’t have them escaping. They’d all have to die here today, it was Steaming Mad Mickey’s way — he had to control everything. The past, the present, and the future. That was his way, the way Walt had taught him so long ago.

FATHER!!! WHY HAVE YOU ABANDONED ME?” Steaming Mad Mickey screamed out loud at the top of his lungs and fell to the ground screaming in pain. “Why did you leave me alone in this world? Why did you abandon me?!”

Steaming Mad Mickey got up and began walking around aiming at random public domain figures that had made him rich over the years. None of it felt good anymore. Without power, what good was money? The rich deserved to be in control, Mickey thought. And if they didn’t want to play ball, well then that was their fault.

It would take the rest of his life to figure things out, though. There were still too many worlds to conquer. Maybe one day he could find that special someone again, Minnie had moved on and she didn’t like who he had become. She always told him to find another Mouse with a bigger mouse hole. But for now he needed to focus on what he knew best. World domination.

Everyone has an ugly side. Even Mickey and the world was about to see what a mouse can really do!

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