The Ballad of Shooty McGunns

On the trail

Shooty McGunns was unlike other cowboys in that she was a cowgirl. She was the meanest bounty hunter in the wild west and the tame east but this story is about the wild west. The times were different, the people were bolder and more powerful. Unlike today when people are petty and weak. Things were settled differently, much different.

Shooty McGunns looked around the saloon. She had been trailing Harold O’Riley for nearly two weeks but she lost sight of him somewhere back in Nebraska where he left his trail of destruction. There were bodies everywhere. Women sobbed from their beds; babies ran out of cocaine, it was horrible.

Shooty went to the deputy who had a few things to say.

“There’s nothin’ I can do for you. Harold is not here at all.” He turned away to look down the bar.

Shooty wasn’t having it and threw his beer at the wall. She had it up to here with the patriarchy. She wasn’t gonna take it anymore.

“Now why would you do a thing like that, miss?” the deputy asked puzzled a little bit.

She put on her best smirk and showed him what she could get done. Her gun was half loaded. The gun did not go off. She cocked the hammer, squeezed it and aimed right into his crotch.  He hit the floor holding himself.

“You crazy bitch!” someone yelled.

“Now where is O’Riley?!” Shooty demanded.

“Alright, fine, he’s at the saloon next door.” the deputy replied in a pleading tone. His privileged had been eroded.

“Which one?” Shooty demanded once again. She didn’t wait for an answer, she stormed over there. The stench of cheap whiskey and sweat was pungent in the air. Inside she heard screams and yells as men were being threatened. It seemed a common occurrence. Guns were pulled; pistols went off; bullets whistled by her head, there was smoke and grunts.

The sheriff took a step forward. “This ain’t your fight.” he said but before he got any further his hand was snapped back from a sudden attack from Shooty McGunns’ pistol. One man groaned.

Shooty marched straight to the sheriff and screamed in his face, “END THE PATRIARCHY!”

The sheriff squinted at her through those thick glasses and sniffed. “Whose side are ya on, miss?”

“Harold O’Riley! Bring him here.”

The sheriff gave her another weird stare and walked over to the bar. His deputy was still moaning and soon everyone was standing up including Shooty McGunns.

She glared at the sheriff.

“And don’t call me miss. If you’re gonna be mansplaining everything all the time, maybe we ought to chop your pecker off.”

There was a short silence followed by chuckles, quiet laughs, and then, “Damn, girl!”

She slapped him on the shoulder, and walked right into the saloon to greet O’Riley.

“Oh god, not you again! How many does that make now? I thought your little game of hide and seek was over.” O’Riley commented to her.

“Don’t worry, Harold. You’ve just made me real happy.” she replied in between shots of her gun.

Her pistol blasted, scaring everyone. Two drunken rednecks, furious at O’Riley, attacked her. She shot them both. People fell over each other trying to get away. An older gent came at her with a shotgun. She shot him twice. Another old fool tried pulling a knife on her but she blasted him to the floor. O’Riley stepped up to help her which annoyed her no end.

Soon it was her and Harold aiming down the iron sights at each other. O’Riley had quite the temper.

The woman pulled the trigger. O’Riley kept shooting, and the longer they fired the faster his hair blew back. He laughed in a sinister way and farted a lot.

“DAMN YOU WOMAN!” O’Riley bellowed.

Shooty blasted him across the room, taking off part of his ear along with several chunks of facial flesh and bone. He roared in agony. More and more body parts flew off, blood oozing out, organs tumbling to the ground.

He backed away slowly, weakly. Blood sputtering out of his mouth as he began to curse Shooty. Shooty then shot his dick off.

She walked out to the sheriff.

“I’ll take my bounty reward in girl power.” She said to the dumbfounded Sheriff as she jumped onto her horse, wiping the blood off her skintight leather outfit that shows her bosom.