You’ll Never Believe These Weird Laws (Part II)

Weird laws are everywhere and you’ll never believe these oddball laws in states all around America.

You’ll Never Believe These Weird Laws Part II:

Montpelier, Vermont bans mosquito bites, citing their discomfort to those bitten.

El Dorado County, California bans rats from businesses because of the film Ratatouille .

Mayville, Arkansas has a clause in the divorce law stating if one spouse don’t have children, they get half the man-made diamond rings in the house plus all jewelry including watches and chains.

Essex Town, CT requires men living at home with their mother to put up some kind of marker on where they live, otherwise they will be sent to jail for loitering. This apparently excludes them from running through forests chasing foxes.

Smithfield, Rhode Island permits wife beating only under certain circumstances; if she doesn’t “appreciate” it or she is overweight then it’s perfectly okay to beat her till she gets the message.

Goreburg, Georgia has an ordinance against feeding bears or bears could sue you for $50K. One would think there’s something wrong with eating some freeze dried stew in America.

Madison, NY obligates any women driving alone after 7 pm to make sure their car lights come on before pulling out of driveway in case drunk guys lurking in forest across the street sees an unprotected woman with no husband lurking in garage might decide she’d make a good brood maiden.

Atlanta, GA forbids man to wear shorts when he is drunk in the State Capitol building after July 1st.

Providence, Rhode Island forbids feeding ducks/geese/swans within 150 yards of a major roadway or even inside a dumpster. Apparently ducks/geese /swans can go nuts pretty easily.

In Los Angeles, California Judge Judy is judge, jury and executioner! In court, she is known for her abject brutality towards defendants. Most cases that don’t end up televised are the ones where she rules for the death penalty. If a drug dealer murdered a cop while fleeing arrest in front of 10 thousand witnesses then Judge Judy judges for the death sentence for all participants and witnesses. The state doesn’t question her rulings, most cases are closed in 24 hours.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma it’s illegal to poop during blizzard! That’s because it’s shitty enough there.

Utah outlaws babies stealing popcorn! For obvious reasons of child safety! Like getting caught stealing popcorn by a 50 foot tall lumberjack.

In Seattle Washington, it’s illegal to walk barefoot through Burger King drive-through while holding tray of food! Because apparently “it’s too dangerous”.

Appleton, Wisconsin outlaws hawking CDs while waiting for others. No one wants your mixtape, bro.

Anchorage, Alaska makes dropping syringes off beaches mandatory. We can tell you Anchorage people like dumping things off as much as we do back East! Seems gross too!

Dunnigan, North Dakota passed a law about cigarette smoking in swimming pools because obviously pools are dangerous places!

Broken Arrow, OK makes it legal to smash heads into ground at family reunions! Even when cousin Jimmy runs over our ankles with his minivan?! Really!

Carthage, Missouri considers yard work highly immoral! They just passed a law forbidding neighbors to pick up the grass clippings outside. They’d rather us all leave crap out for Satan to eat than take care of mother earth.

Don’t be breaking the law now you hear me?

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