Is Dave Chappelle A Clone?

Dave Chappelle has been acting strange lately. He’s checking folks at the bathroom door for trans people.

Some say the culture war has gone too far but Mr. Chappelle cocks a shotgun and says “This is comedy now bitch!” before blowing a critic into viscera gumbo. Soups on!

That’ll learn them assholes!

“This is who I am,” he says. “I’m Dave Chappelle and that’s it.” He then starts beating his chest with an aluminum bat as two big men in black whisper in his ear.

“Yes sir. I’ll do what you say sir.” says Chappelle.

Very suspicious behavior from someone who allegedly isn’t a clone.

It appears we’ve gotten the wrong guy here. That man isn’t a comedian. No he’s always been a culture warrior perpetuating negative stereotypes about black people, marijuana users, and now trans people.

God’s perfect man

According to Dave: There is no person better than Dave Chappelle. The gap is his teeth was bio-engineered to make his job of offending everyone easier.

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum you can enjoy Dave Chappelle’s act of pretending to be a comedian while being a secret agent of culture.

Who’s culture? That depends on who is asking. If it’s the cops we don’t want any. If it’s Tony Soprano, well tell Tony that rumor has it that the gatekeepers control the culture. Shocking I know!

Who else could get away with shoving a bong up some kid’s ass and smoking it while talking about how trans people weirds him out? Not David Letterman, Jerry Seinfeld, or Louis CK. Those are all bad people by the way.

If you’ve heard of them then they have done terrible awful things. It’s true we just don’t know all the bad things they’ve done yet. Shit was that Bill Cosby in the bushes? HIDE!

Oh you want to laugh? Try reading first, start with COMEDY: THE ANCIENT BABYLONIAN ART FORM

One might wonder if Dave Chappelle is this brave comedian then why has he never taken on these people who caused him to flee comedy in the first place? Hiding behind vulnerable people sounds like something a clone would do.

Now I’m not saying we have the government dissect him in a lab to make sure he’s human but maybe realistically we could all collectively bother him while he’s eating a sandwich and respectfully ask him if he’s a clone sent from the elites to destroy comedy with Joe Rogan’s comedy death squad of mediocre hacks?

Or maybe we ask ourselves if stand up comedy as an art form is a vaudevillian relic of the past just like the horse drawn carriage and the cotton gin.

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